The loch ness monster…wakeboard

When you hear about Loch Ness, in Scotland, you typically think of the prehistoric monster residing in its depths, popping his head out every few years for a photo, not as a testing ground for prototype wakeboards.  According to the below link, though, there was a secret mission this past summer by some of the best wakeboarders in the world to Loch Ness to test out the newest and best boards that their sponsors were working on.

Loch Ness wakeboard testing

Enjoy the short article and, as always, keep shredding!

September on the lake!

I have always said that September is the most underrated month in the Lakes Region in New Hampshire.  The water is still in the 70’s, the sun is strong during the day and, best of all, no one is out on the lake!

I have been having a blast up on Merrymeeting offering private lessons to individuals, groups, and families as well as doing a lot of stand up paddling.  I found the below article on WMUR this week…it is good to see other people having some fun as well!

Enjoy the fall!

Goodbye old friend…

Last month we said farewell to the O.G. Water Monkey boat.  Our 2012 Centurion Avalanche C4 Special is what got us started and, while we were sad to see it go, it will provide many more hours of fun to a new deserving family.


Hundreds of our campers since 2012 have progressed their riding, surfing, and skiing behind this amazing boat.  As we pulled it out of the water for the last time we definitely marveled at how good the Centurion looked for a boat with 650 hours of camp use.  I hope that our new boats can last as long and perform as well.


I took one final shot of the boat as it departed with its new owners.  Adios!