We are constantly amazed by cool people doing awesome activities in spectacular places. i.e. below video:

Caves are so fascinating for so many reasons: they are mysterious, immortal, majestic, and, most of all, limitlessly explorable.  Winching around the flat waters of this ‘grotto’ is just another means of exploring a tremendous natural wonder.

I was lucky enough to do some underground ‘blackwater’ rafting in New Zealand a few years ago and it was an experience of a lifetime.  Turn your headlamp off for a bit and all you can see are millions of glow worms like stars in a perfect night sky.

Descending into the abyss.

Descending into the abyss.  New Zealand, Fall 2010.

Of course, you have to get into the caves somehow.  In New Zealand the journey started with a 300 foot rappel into pitch black darkness.

Lebanon wakeboarding video spotted in this BBC Article.



This is how they do it in the cradle of civilization…

Came across this video whilst perusing the interwebs today.

My favorite quote from the web article was “Due to safety measures and preparations, there were no mishaps.”  So funny.

Next time the streets in Egypt get flooded these guys should fly out the Water Monkey crew to show them what’s up…and bring a real tow rope…and wakeboard…and burn that old kneeboard.  But props to these dudes half way around the world for having fun on the water!


Summer camp movies…

There are lots of great summer camp movies…MeatballsFriday the 13th, and Heavyweights, to name a few.  One of my all-time favorites, though, is Wet Hot American Summer.  That is why it is so exciting to hear that all of the original cast members are returning for a new Netflix series as well as a big screen sequel!

Here’s hoping that they don’t mess this up!