Tax deductions and camp…

The tax filing deadline is only a few weeks away so I wanted to share a little bit of info that may help you get some money back!  There are two consistent ways to get some money back for summer camp expenses; IRS deductions and employer reimbursements.

IRS Deduction

The IRS offers a deduction on child care of up to $3,000 per dependent or up to $6,000 for two or more dependents.  You should be able to claim this deduction for summer camp as long as sending your child(ren) to camp allowed you to work or look for work during that time.  All you need to do to claim the deduction is fill out IRS form 2441 and provide the camp name, address, and Federal Tax ID #.  Make sure you hold on to proof of payment to back up the deduction.  Links to this deduction below:

Employer Reimbursement

Many employers – especially large corporations – offer their employees reimbursement for summer camp expenses for their kids.  It helps productivity over the summer because workers are not worrying about their unsupervised kids at home.  Companies will have different rules regarding reimbursements but hanging on to proof of camp purchase, Federal Tax ID#, etc would be a great start.

If you need our Federal Tax ID# or proof of payment for previous years’ Water Monkey enrollment please feel free to call or e-mail!

(I am not an accountant or tax professional so make sure to talk to your accountant before making any extra deductions!)

What is Ryan up to?

One of our instructors, Ryan, has a pretty great life.  When he is not hanging out on our boats teaching kids how to improve their wakeboarding/waterskiing/wake surfing he is a student at Arizona State University and a member of their Wake Devils wakeboard team.  Add to that his intensive engineering degree and you would think that he would be out of time for other pursuits…but you would be wrong.  Last week Ryan ventured up to Yosemite National Park to enjoy one of his other passions, rock climbing.

Looking Out

The above photo of Ryan is pretty staggering.  He is looking down a few thousand feet – and also rocking a Water Monkey cap (it’s backwards, but trust me).

While at the park he and his climbing buddies attacked some massive rock faces.  He is one of the little dots in the below picture.

Hinrichs - wall face

And apparently in this sport of extreme climbing if you run out of energy and daylight you just take a rest at the nearest hotel…

Yosemite Lodge

Ryan actually spent the night on this little ledge, barely as wide as him.  Pretty crazy.

And what would a post about Ryan be without some backflips?

Hinrichs - backflip

The kid just can’t stay on the ground!  I would not be surprised if this picture, taken by his climbing friend and photographer, ended up in a Yosemite brochure one day.

That is it for this update on Ryan.  If you ever want to be a little bit jealous of someone having a lot of fun you should follow him on Instagram @ryanhinrichs.