Big props to this organization…

At Water Monkey Camp we teach water sports to teens of all abilities but one thing they all have in common is that they do not have to do it without the help of their sight.  We just learned about the Leaps of Faith organization that teaches wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, and kayaking to sight impaired and blind kids and teens.  Below is a link to an article about their new summer camp.

Water Sports Camp for Blind/Sight Impaired

Check out their website as well:

Very cool.

New counselor profile – Ryan Suplee

Ryan has been a professional wake board/waterski coach for over a decade and has spent his entire life in, behind, or around boats growing up in the heart of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Ryan first started his coaching career down at the famed Orlando Watersports Complex where he worked on their boat as well as their cable park helping anyone from absolute beginners to semi-pro riders looking to tweak their style.  From OWC he made his way out to High Cascade camp in Oregon where he again taught riding/skiing on their boat.  After a brief stint of being a surf bum in Hawaii, Ryan made his way back to New Hampshire where he has been coaching privately for the past couple of years.  He is pumped to progress our program and give our campers the instruction and support they need to achieve their watersports goals.  (Red Cross Lifeguard/CPR, Commercial Boat Driver)

suplee, ryan


Ryan also loves to fish and hopes to get a chance to teach our campers some fly-fishing techniques this summer.