Help buying your new/used boat

A byproduct of years of teaching watersports on the lake is that we are experts at all things boats! Since the start we have informally helped out our clients in their boat searches and lended unbiased advice on all types of watercraft. If you are in the market for a boat for your family, business or any other reason and need some advice just give us a call or e-mail and we can work over the phone, via e-mail, virtually or in person.

Pricing: $150

Includes: You tell us your needs, water body(ies) and any other information and we will help you narrow down your boat search. As your purchase gets closer we will help evaluate quotes from dealers or used boat listings that you find including providing you with fair market prices so you can feel confident in your eventual decision.

Want us to come with you for a test ride, to see a boat in person, or be there for delivery? Sure! $100 per hour plus travel.

Help learning how to use your new boat

We see it all the time on lakes in New Hampshire and elsewhere...a family purchases a shiny new boat with myriad features and has no idea how to use or optimize it. This can be frustrating to say the least. We have experience operating all types and brands of boats and can come to you and teach you all about it! We will make sure that you feel confident with the boat and leave you with a customized one-sheet with all of the important information at your fingertips in case you forget!

Pricing: $100 per hour plus travel. 

Includes: An experienced and patient instructor who will come to your boat and walk you through all of the buttons, knobs, dials, screens and toggles until you feel confident to take the helm on your own!

Help learning how to drive your new boat 

We spend over 500 hours each summer on the water pulling waterskiers, wakeboarders, wakesurfers, wakeskaters and tubers. Precise, predictable and efficient driving makes all the difference in the progression you see behind the boat. We will teach you how to pull up skiers/riders of all sizes (without tearing their arms out). We will teach you how to pick a line and stick to it. We will teach you how to safely retrieve a down skier/rider (NO POWER TURNS). We will teach you to drive in accordance with the laws of your state. We will teach you how to teach your skiers/riders. Most importantly, we will point out any bad habits and demonstrate how it should be done.

Pricing: $100 per hours plus travel.

Includes: An experienced, patient instructor who will work with you until you are doing it right!