Boom! Winter 2.0

Just when we thought that the '17/'18 winter would be lackluster we have gotten walloped by three massive storms in back-to-back-to-back weeks (with another on the way). This has made for some unreal powder skiing/snowboarding and lots of late winter fun. Camp, as always, looks great (thanks Ryan for the shots).

And our four legged friends are making the most of it as well!

New boats being built...

For 2018 we have two brand-spanking-new Mastercraft NXT 22's coming our way! We always get new equipment for our campers each season but this is the first year that we decided to extend that to our boats as well. Mastercraft was kind enough to send us some pictures of one of the boats throughout its creation process:

It is pretty cool to see the progression from a tub of fiberglass to a shiny, finished boat. We are loving that new ZFT2 tower!

Both boats will be arriving in NH later this month for a bit of customization before we take delivery. Stay posted for shots of us breaking them in on the lake as soon as the ice is out!

Recruiting season is on!

While we LOVE our returning campers it is important to always be finding new campers to fill our bunks. Ryan has been traveling around New England meeting families and talking up our program. Recently he has attended events in Greenwich, CT and Amherst, NH. 

If you happen to see us out and about please stop by and say hello! As always, we offer a $300 referral bonus for every new camper you send our way so help us out and we will see you this summer!

new staff member - chef Rebecca

We are beyond excited to welcome Chef Rebecca Calhoun to Water Monkey Camp. Rebecca is the chef at a fraternity house at Emory University in Georgia where she cooks fresh, creative and hearty daily meals for 50+ hungry college kids. That experience is what makes Rebecca a great fit for our program. She is used to cooking with high-quality ingredients for small/medium sized groups of people who are used to having great food (sounds like camp to me!). 


Besides being a stellar chef, Rebecca lives a pretty fun life in Georgia! She lives in a historic farm house which she is currently updating and renovating and loves to garden, raise her farm animals and spend time with her family. 

You can check out her bio on our website or, even better, come to camp to meet Rebecca this summer!

deep freeze

Anyone in New England over the past two weeks has experienced a prolonged super deep freeze with temps hovering around 0 and windchills in the negative territory. We absolutely love this weather and have been snowboarding, skiing, biking, hiking and otherwise making the most of winter fun.

Fat tire biking was high on my list of things to do this season. Gosh it was fun and addictive!

The powder has definitely been flowing in NH! After 23 years of only snowboarding I decided to jump back into skiing last season.

There is a little park in Bedford, NH called Pulpit Rock. It is a sweet valley full of boulders and waterfalls and paths. It was fun to hike around and check out frozen walls of ice.

Merrymeeting Lake is frozen solid. This is a panorama of the lake from the dam and public boat launch.

This last shot is of Pleasant Cove on Merrymeeting Lake last week. It was -5 degrees and the entire lake was frozen with smooth ice. 

Happy wintering!