2020 boats!

Our 2019 were barely broken in but they are a distant memory now as our new 2020 boats are on order! The MasterCraft NXT22 has been our favorite camp boat since 2016 and the amazing people over at MasterCraft have redesigned it from the hull up! It has a more powerful engine, more aggressive hull styling, updated seating layout and new surf technology! Check out our colors below…we hope you like them!

it's been a while!

Yikes! We have not posted since early May! We had such a busy, awesome season at the lake there just has not been time to sit down at the computer and type anything. The summer is winding down, though, so we can refocus some attention towards our neglected blog!

Last week I had an hour to kill so Tuckerman and I ran up Mt. Molly to take in the view of the lake. No foliage yet which means summer is still in full effect!

These late summer days are pretty awesome here at Merrymeeting. The end of the season is also a bit bittersweet as we say farewell to our barely used boats.

After camp we were booked solid with private lessons but both boats were sold early in September so the fun had to end. The Black NXT22 (Betty) went with its new family down the road to Rochester, NH while the blue NXT22 (Fred) is currently traveling across the country to Bend, OR! I gave both boats a full detail, oil change and topped off the gas for the new owners before they rolled out of the driveway.

On Fred’s last day at camp (Monday, September 26) we had a beautiful sunrise and calm water. That steam coming off of the lake is really just the nice warm water turning cold (although as of yesterday, September 21, the lake was still in the high 60’s!).

Just because the campers are gone does not mean there are no kids having fun at Water Monkey!

Finn and Kai have been taking full advantage of the entire property. The beach is now their private play zone and the upper property is a giant driving course for their Raptor PowerWheels!

That is it for now. As always you should follow our Instagram account (@watermonkeycamp) for more consistent posts. Coming in the next couple of weeks will be our season recap!

Get out and have some fun!


april showers bring...may showers

As hard as I try I cannot control the weather. In the summer I wish I could snap my fingers and make the wind disappear on the lake. Come winter I would like to dance a jig and get a few feet a powder. Every fall…well fall in NH is pretty perfect. This spring, though, I have definitely been trying to will the rain away but have had no luck yet. It is great for our trees, grass and the health of the lake but is really delaying our landscaping, painting and outdoor work at camp (and keeping mountain biking trails too wet to ride).

These shots are typical of the weather lately. The lake is super high (and a wee bit chilly still). Up at the cabins I was on the roof blowing leaves and pine needles away and snapped this shot just before the sky opened up on me.

The bottom line is that, according to our instagram poll yesterday, 72% of you say the sun will make an appearance again someday and that is good enough for me!

See you outside!

first sets of the season!

This past weekend we got out on the water for the first sets of the season! Our boats are not in the water yet but luckily we have some friends who are not scared of some cold temps!

We met at 6AM and were treated to a gorgeous display of sunrise, fog, the moon and a perfectly glassy Lake Sunapee.

Our ride for the day was this gorgeous Nautique G23!

Thick wetsuits were mandatory with water temps in the low 40’s. It was a blast getting out on the surfer for the first time since October! It is pretty cool to look at these pictures with still-snowy Mount Sunapee in the background.

Thanks so much to the Cole-Tucker fam for having their boat ready this early in the season and inviting me to tag along! Reed - on the left above - is one of our campers and an absolute shredder on the wakesurf board.

The season is just getting started!

staff bios are up on the website

Well our 2019 staff is finally assembled! This is a unique season in that none of our 2018 coaches were able to return so we had to build up an awesome staff from scratch. I interviewed about 45 applicants (out of over 150 applications) and narrowed it down to these eight fantastic guys and girls.

Check out the staff here:

They are stoked to meet all of our campers in just a couple short months!