2018 season recap

Our season just ended and it was the biggest and baddest since I launched the camp seven years ago. In 2018 we had my favorite staff of all time, so many awesome campers and the two coolest boats I could imagine. Many thanks to everyone involved for helping make it all happen.

In this recap I want to focus on friendships at camp. Seeing new friendships form, grow and continue for years has easily been my favorite part of running Water Monkey. So many of our campers have made friends here at camp and then brought those relationships back home by meeting up during the year (even flying and visiting each other as far as Europe from the U.S.), coordinating vacations together, going to the same college together and keeping in constant contact via social media.

On the first day at camp most of us are strangers. After seven days together on the boats, at meals, playing sports and having fun it can be difficult to say goodbye. I always knew that Water Monkey would be a special place where like-minded campers and staff would meet and get to know each other but I guess the extent to which it has surpassed my expectations is a testament to how unique our camp program is.

Water Monkey Camp as a whole is truly greater than the sum of its can buy yourself an epic boat and some gear and spend a week out on the lake but you’ll me missing a bit of magic that happens here each summer.

Now some fun 2018 stats!

  • 126 campers over 7 weeks!

  • Campers stayed an average of 1.21 weeks at camp (longest stay by any camper was 4 weeks by Stan tha man)

  • Average number of campers per week was 18 (we limited each week this summer to 18 campers and were full every week)

  • Campers were 68% boys and 32% girls

  • Average camper age was 13.9

  • 57.9% of campers were returners, 42.1% were first timers

  • Campers came from 15 states (CO, CT, DC, GA, IL, MA, ME, MT, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA and VT) as well as Canada, China, France and Italy!

  • 2,055 gourmet meals prepared and served by amazing Chef Rebecca

  • 400 pounds of food scraps and waste diverted from the landfill to local hungry pigs!

  • 10,804 unique visitors to in the past 12 months

  • 10,363 photos uploaded for parents and campers to enjoy

  • 3 baby loons on the lake

  • 1 Taylor Swift concert at Gillette Stadium

  • Infinite smiles, laughs and good times

  • Average water temperature during camp was 78 degrees

  • Merrymeeting Lake is 1,100 acres and the cleanest lake in New Hampshire

  • 24 hours spent cleaning boat insides during the season and 20 hours spent washing and waxing the outsides

  • 254 hours on the Calypso Green MasterCraft NXT22 and 234 hours on the Jetstream Blue MasterCraft NXT22 for a total of 488 hours of boating this season!

  • 2,800 gallons of gas consumed on the lake producing roughly 25 metric tons of CO2 offsett with contributions to (specifically the Alto Mayo Conservation Initiative) as well as the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire who, along with many Merrymeeting Residents and the US Forest Service, is attempting to raise $1,500,000 preserve 2,000 acres of forest surrounding our perfect lake. Our total contributions will offset about 50 metric tons of CO2 this year with the extra going towards camper travel to/from camp.

I hope that all of our campers, staff and their families have a terrific year and that you keep us in mind as you start planning your 2019 summer. Our tuition will be going up next year for the first time in five years but we do not want you to miss out on camp because of that. As always we will be offering a $300 referral bonus for every new camper you send our way who enrolls and new this year by parent requests is the option to set up a payment plan for your camper’s tuition. I am always here to answer your questions so feel free to e-mail, call, snail mail or set up a time to visit and we hope to see you back here next summer!


Evan Goldner


Wrapping up a perfect summer

Hello campers, friends and all other readers!

Sunset at the end of the summer.

We are back from camp! Our campers left on August 11 but we were super busy from then until last weekend with private lessons and fun on the lake. We will be posting a season re-cap soon but until then here are some shots of how we have been wrapping things up!

We sold our Calypso Green NXT22 (a.k.a. Green Machine) after camp and used the Jetstream Blue NXT22 (a.k.a. cookie monster a.k.a. bluey) until last week. On the last day in the water I took a break after private lessons to snag this picture of the gorgeous, empty, still-warm water and bluebird ski.

Some serious work starts when the boat gets out of the water. Both boats need thorough cleaning inside and out. That means taking out all of the life jackets, paddles, first aid kits, dock lines and other assorted ‘stuff’ that accumulates throughout the season. From there we wash out the inside and then wash and wax the outside.

Lifejacket Party!

Once the boat is shiny inside and out it is ready for the winter! This year we sold both of our 2018 MasterCrafts so instead of winterizing the motor and putting it away for storage we are delivering it to its new owners! Green Machine will be living on Winnipesaukee now and Cookie Monster will be heading to Mississippi!

Of course I have had a helper through all of this work!

Camp is going to the pigs...

It has been a while since we posted as we are super busy with camp so we wanted to talk about something totally out of left field...pigs!

I'm so happppppppyyyyyy!

As our campers know we are obsessed with being environmentally friendly here at camp. This year we have taken a huge step to remove thousands of pounds of trash from the landfill by bringing most of our food scraps to some local, hungry, pigs. We have been talking about this for a while but it took the impetus of our new chef, Bram, to make it all happen.

This little piggy went to the market...

The experience of watching the pigs run out to greet Bram in his big red truck was amazing. They have gotten used to his thrice daily visits with all sorts of goodies. We bring them everything except for meat and they demolish it in minutes. There was definitely an alpha pig who got his share of everything first as you can see in the below video.

That's all for today! Follow us on Instagram @watermonkeycamp for daily stories and lots of posts!


Adventure fun in Lake Tahoe, California (and Nevada) - part 2

Having scoped out the lake from the shore and from the mountain peaks it was time to get out there.  Unfortunately I did not bring the Axis with me to California so wake surfing was out.  Good thing that paddle boards are everywhere so we (wife and I) grabbed two and some paddles and headed out on the water for some exploration. DCIM100GOPRO

Pictures do not do justice to the ridiculous clarity of the water in Lake Tahoe.  We are super spoiled on Merrymeeting Lake in NH with clean, clear water but this lake is on a different level.  You can cruise around on the board and without a problem look down to the bottom at 30 or 40 feet like it was right there.


We started early and the giant lake was perfect glass.  The scale of the lake was hard to comprehend when we were out there.  I picked a remote, isolated beach as a destination to explore and it took almost 90 minutes to paddle there in a straight line.  Coming from Merrymeeting Lake in NH that is only a few miles long it is hard to imagine that just crossing a small bay in Lake Tahoe is equal to the length of our lake.


We arrived at the little beach and parked our boards for a few minutes.  The view of the lake and mountains in any direction was amazing.  In the corner of the beach was a little cave that looked ripe for a grizzly home but fortunately (or unfortunately) there were no bears in sight.


After the beach break it was time to get back out there.  We paddled around some cool rock formations, into little coves, and generally just anywhere we thought looked interesting.  SUPing is always a good time and getting out on the big lake was a new experience.


...we did see a grizzly later that day


It is kind of blurry but this was the best shot I could get on my cell phone at the time.  The grizz came out of the woods in front of our car, sauntered across, and disappeared into the woods again.  Bears are sweet!