time to reserve your space

We are not a high-pressure kind of camp but we wanted to let everyone know that we are already 65% full for the summer and it is only February! If you are thinking about signing up you should hop off the fence and reserve your week(s). Last summer we turned away over 30 families because we were all filled up and I do not want to disappoint any prospective campers who are excited about Water Monkey!

If you have a question about availability feel free to e-mail or call any time.


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Winter @ camp

I was up at camp this past weekend checking things out and doing a few small projects. While I cannot wait for spring and boats and good times I do love how nice and clean the place looks all covered in snow.

water monkey in iceland!

I took a quick trip to Iceland this past long weekend and it was stunning! With two young dudes of my own (2.5 years old and 15 months old) I have not been traveling as much as I like so even a five day mini-adventure was an absolute blast. While the northern lights ended up being elusive, we did experience limitless scenic views, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, friendly people and insanely good food. The fresh seafood was unreal and - please do not send hate mail because I already feel bad about it - we ate whale! (It was a surprise part of a nine-part tasting menu and it was delicious but for the sake of the whales I would not have chosen to order that.) See below for a few selected photos from our trip!

Come and meet me at the new england boat show!

This weekend (February 9 and 10) I will be at the MasterCraft booth at the New England Boat Show. Stop by to check out all of the awesome new boats and toys and find me to chat about camp! The boat show is always a good time and a great excuse to get to the Boston Seaport.

See you there!


It's a new year!

Happy New Year to all of our campers and friends! We have been busy these past few weeks assembling our new staff and helping parents sign kids up for camp. Paperwork is not always fun so I try to get to the lake and tinker around a few times a month during the winter. I was up there the other day and things are looking icy!

So far there is not much snow yet and, weirdly, the lake is still mostly unfrozen but there is a glaze over pretty much everything else!

Someone definitely appreciated the open water:

Hit us up any time!