Bluebird days with a side of wind

We were up at camp today getting a jump on spring cleanup and found lots of snow, an icy lake and gorgeous bluebird skies.

It'll be a few more weeks until we get the dock and boats in!

Spring cleanup is in full swing...

Winters in New Hampshire are snowy and fun but they definitely take a toll on the camp landscaping. From matted down grass to scattered tree branches to our messed-up sandy beach there is a lot to do to make the place presentable come spring. 

I will not bore you with pictures of my thousands of piles of leaves and other debris but here are a few recent shots from my work around the property.

Just grabbing one of many loads of mulch. #trucklife


Spreading mulch with my sidekick Tuckerman...and those gorgeous boats.


Hard work paying off.

Lastly, a snowy winter means lots of melt flowing into the lake. We have never seen the water level this high! As you can see below it is flowing over our lower retention wall!

Watch out for that first step!

Epic spring ski season

What started off as a lackluster season in New England with only one major storm in December and January has turned in to one for the record books.  Back to back to back dumpings in February and into March have given us some top notch conditions to keep enjoying even into April. 14 - 29I am fortunate that when camp is not in session I am able to get out and have some fun in the outdoors almost any day.  On the above day last week there were limitless blue skies and great snow at Loon Mountain.  The deep blue of the horizon contrasted nicely with the still snowy peaks of the surrounding mountains; including Mt. Washington in the distance.

loonmtnThe snow was not fresh but it was fast and not too soft from all the sun.  Wide open, empty trails made for a day where I was able to pack 30+ runs in with no time wasted on lift lines.

A few days later we were surprised by yet another spring storm.  Due to all of the fun we had in the woods I only have one picture from the day.


It was heavy and wet but it set the mountains up for another few weeks of great conditions.

On April 1 I set out for Waterville Valley for their infamous $1 lift ticket April Fools Day.

watervilleliftTalk about ideal conditions.  April 1st gave us a thick base of snow, a cloudless sky, and 60 degrees.

photo 3All that perfection mixed with practically free lift tickets made for some crowds...at least in the morning.  By lunch time all the riff-raff had had their fill and the mountain cleared out.

topofwatervilleThe above picture is from the top of Waterville (Mt. Tecumseh) looking down at the lower mountain and the town of Waterville Valley below.

photo 4That is me in the blue coat, taking in the view before dropping in for another lap.  No complaints from that guy!

Here is to a few more killer days on the slopes and then a quick spring thaw so we can toss the boat in the water!

A little bit of spring lake fun

Well there are still a few weeks to go until our boat gets back in the water but that could not stop us from enjoying some high 70's temps this week on the lake. Cruising 'round a cove into the broads

As you can see from these pictures there is literally no one out on the water!

A nice shot looking towards the back of the lake.

The water is higher than usual at this time of the year due to some extra snow melt we were lucky to have from the winter.


The water is chilly, though.  It has been stubbornly stuck in the high 40's/low 50's but is warming more recently after a string of almost 80 degree, sunny days.


It is good to be back out on the water and we cannot wait until the boat is unwrapped!