Indoor wake surfing contest...

We had a blast this past weekend at the first ever indoor wake surfing contest at Surf's Up NH in Nashua, New Hampshire.  As one of the sponsors we had the opportunity to watch all of the competitors battle it out for cash and other prizes.  It was cool to see the event get a write-up in the Boston Globe! Congrats to Water Monkey camper Dylan Dye for winning his division (and a week of camp)!

Camper Dylan tossin some buckets!

We'll take one of these, please.

Over the past few weeks there have been a lot of teasers online regarding a new type of "jet" on Instagram of surfers trying them out or short video clips online of test runs. Well it seems as if the company is out of prototype stage and on to building some pretty sweet looking machines.

So what if they are a cool $13,500 each? Carving up the glassy lake at 30 MPH would be unreal!  I guess we will see if this turns out to be an expensive fad or a new sport.  Regardless, we are looking forward to getting our hands on one to try out if we ever have the chance!

What is Billy up to?

I periodically like to post an update as to what our head instructor, Billy, is up to in life when he is not up at camp in New Hampshire.  Besides taking classes at UNF, kiteboarding, and surfing, Billy has gotten into Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) in a big way.  He currently has a kite and SUP sponsor and recently started entering SUP competitions in Florida.  Check out the below link to an article about Billy's 4th place finish last week in his first ever competition.

Pretty sweet.  Billy plans on continuing to compete throughout the SUP season along the east coast and I am sure he is going to dominate the competition.