Extreme Crutching

After breaking my leg two weeks ago I was told I could not walk on it for at least eight weeks.  That is an eternity for an adventure-seeker such as myself, especially when the weather is as unseasonably warm as it has been this spring.  I am mostly couch-bound while my friends are out biking, kite surfing, rock climbing, and enjoying the outdoors and just generally rubbing it in my face. Well I may not be able to walk but I certainly cannot let everyone else have all the fun.

Extreme crutching - noun - the adventure activity defined by making simple movement on crutches exponentially more difficult by adding spins, maneuvers, and obstacles whenever possible.

Extreme crutching is not for everyone.  In fact, it really should not be for anyone, but that has not deterred me thus far.  My major obstacle is my 13 year old yellow lab who manages to get in my way whenever I try to move around the house.  His erratic and senile movements make my extreme crutching that much more exciting as I never know how or if he will move as I hobble towards him (most of the time he continues in his normal state of sleeping and snoring).  Stairs and inclines are also fun, as is hopping in and out of the shower without pulling down towel racks or slipping and breaking other bones.

So maybe it is not as adrenaline pumping an activity as many others but sometimes you've just got to improvise!