Private Lessons, wakesurfing, lake fun

Over the past few weeks of summer we have had nearly perfect weather to break in the boat and have some fun out on the lake.  Wakesurfing has taken over our lives as we discovered the epicness of owning our own perfect wave to surf at the push of a button.  Everyone that gets on the boat and tries wakesurfing is instantly hooked on the sport. But just because we've caught the wakesurfing bug does not mean we are neglecting the other activities.  During private lessons and on our own time we have been shredding the slalom ski and tweaking our wake to give wakeboarders the best pop.  Billy, our head instructor, has been spotted tossing massive scarecrows, 360's, back rolls, and the occasional superman.  He's fine-tuning his technique and will be passing along his skills to our campers in a few short weeks.

We hope everyone is having a blast so far this summer and if you feel like getting out on the lake and having fun hit us up and join the party.