"Spring" Hiking

It is technically spring up here in NH but you would not know it by the weather and lingering snow.  The slopes are all still open but when I'm not on my snowboard I like to explore the networks of trails around the lake. Nature-made path to the peak

While hiking on one of the paths I found this carpet of leaves, revealed under the melting snow.  It was pretty cool.

Pond in the woods

A few miles around the back of the mountain I came across this little frozen pond and a stand of white birch.

Ice Cave

In Goffstown, NH there are two little peaks called the Uncanoonucs.  In an otherwise urban and populous area these two mountains feel like you are far away from civilization.  The above ice cave was about a quarter mile up the trail on North Uncanoonuc.

Looking at South Uncanoonuc

From the top of North Uncanoonuc you get a nice view of the south peak.

Have fun!