Water Monkey Cabin is almost done!

In the past few days some big things have happened in the Water Monkey cabin. 20130611_170047

The above picture is the almost finished lounge area.  Blue is our favorite color and now it has taken over the cabin!  We will be putting a plasma up on the left wall where the new power outlet was hung and moving some couches in shortly.


From the other direction.  More blue and a shot down the hall towards the bathrooms.


Here is the girls' sleeping quarters.  It is pretty much set up like it will be for the campers.  You will notice that none of the beds have mattresses yet...brand new ones are being shipped up to NH any day now!


And finally the guys' side.  There is a bit more space on their side but there are usually a few more guys than girls each week.

For the remainder of the days until camp we will just be putting finishing touches on the cabin - and continuing to post pictures.