deep freeze

Anyone in New England over the past two weeks has experienced a prolonged super deep freeze with temps hovering around 0 and windchills in the negative territory. We absolutely love this weather and have been snowboarding, skiing, biking, hiking and otherwise making the most of winter fun.

Fat tire biking was high on my list of things to do this season. Gosh it was fun and addictive!

The powder has definitely been flowing in NH! After 23 years of only snowboarding I decided to jump back into skiing last season.

There is a little park in Bedford, NH called Pulpit Rock. It is a sweet valley full of boulders and waterfalls and paths. It was fun to hike around and check out frozen walls of ice.

Merrymeeting Lake is frozen solid. This is a panorama of the lake from the dam and public boat launch.

This last shot is of Pleasant Cove on Merrymeeting Lake last week. It was -5 degrees and the entire lake was frozen with smooth ice. 

Happy wintering!