"boating industry" letter to the new president

At Water Monkey Camp we do not have many rules...we want campers to listen to our coaches, respect each other and the environment, eat well and take an occasional shower. One hard and fast rule, however, is we do not talk politics. A simple political discussion can morph into a heated argument as individuals try to express their own deeply held beliefs. That being said, this open letter in "Boating Industry" magazine (link below) is some non-partisan wisdom from a guy who certainly knows his stuff.

An open letter to President Trump from Bill Yeargin, CEO of Correct Craft

The letter is not long and quite worth the read.  Mr. Yeargin runs one of the largest boat companies in the world (Correct Craft manufactures Nautique boats), has served on the Commerce Department Manufacturing Council on behalf of U.S. manufacturers, and has traveled the world conducting business in dozens of countries.  All of this has given him a unique perspective on U.S. policy that he concisely shares in his letter.

Just because we do not get political at camp does not mean I did not vote!

Finn helped me vote this year.