Fall at the lake...

Fall is always bittersweet here at camp.  The foliage is gorgeous, the lake is calm and empty, and the sun is still warm and high in the sky but our cabins are empty and there is no one to play with!

Camp in September before the leaves dropped.

Not even a ripple on the water...just the reflection of the mountains.

This year the state decided to drop the water level for the winter on Merrymeeting by releasing water from the dam.    

The Merrymeeting Lake dam...opened up and letting water out.

The dam again...as spied through the trees.

This long anticipated lake draw-down will help residents fix up their shorelines, walls, and docks.  The water by our beach is down around five or six feet!

Our beach and dock, all tucked away for the long off-season. You can see where the water level typically is by the white water-line on the stone wall.

Getting the property ready for winter is a lot of work.  It takes a long time to store away furniture and equipment, winterize the buildings and boats, and rake up the thousands and thousands of leaves.  (Check out this post from last year to see what I do in detail).

My trusty sidekick and enthusiastic yard work helper taking a break to bathe in the sun.

Tuckerman can always be counted on to mess up my leaf piles, drag sticks back onto the grass, and jump in the lake every 20 minutes or so for good measure.

Enjoy the season.  Have fun outside.  Cross your fingers for lots of snow this winter.  Keep shredding.  


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