Renovations progress nicely!

Big things have been happening at our cabin/headquarters!  This week we have completed the walls that divide our three main rooms, started some of the finish work around the cabin, and revamped the entire electrical system for the cabin (the electrician did that, thankfully). Looking in at the guys' sleeping quarters.

Now that the walls are up there are three main rooms in the cabin.  The above picture shows the guys' side of the cabin from the door looking in.  There will be eight beds in there when it is all done as well as cubbies for each camper for all of their gear.

Looking at the lounge area from the guys' side.

As you step from the guys' sleeping area into the main area of the cabin this is the view you will see.  We left just enough room in the sleeping areas to sleep, other than that the goal is for everyone to chill together in the lounge, which is coming together in the above picture.  There will be couches and other seating, a plasma TV on the wall, and some other fun stuff for everyone to enjoy.

Girls' sleeping area.

The above picture is a shot of the girls' sleeping area from the lounge entrance.  It is just like the guys' side, except a bit smaller because in general we have a few less girls each week.


The fun will not just be happening inside.  We have this great wrap-around porch which we have been working on as well.  In the coming weeks we will be hanging some hammocks, putting in some tables for meals, and making it a chill indoor/outdoor space for our campers to enjoy.

Porch looking left.

The last picture is just of the other side of the porch, as if you looked left from the other porch picture.

Keep checking back for updates as we continue renovations!