An innovative new snow sport or the next "mini-ski"?

I found this new product online and thought it would be a great follow up to our last post about obscure water sports.

This product is essentially two miniature snowboards with normal bindings.  Personally, I think that the novelty would wear off in about two runs and I would be strapping back in to my full size board.  Anyone who hit the slopes in the late 90's/early 00's would remember the mini-ski fad where mostly kids and young teens traded in their skis for tiny planks the size of their boots with a leash and no poles.  This new product is the same theory, just for snowboards.  Just as mini-skis came and went quickly I just do not think that the dual board has a viable path forward.  Miniaturizing the snowboard means less edge (less control) and less surface area (not good in powder), while splitting the board in two means your front and back feet can move independently (less stability, especially at speed).  As their video shows, it may be fun in the park for a bit, that is until you spread-eagle a rail and remember why it was you switched from skis to a board in the first place.