What is Billy up to?

Our head instructor, Billy Ackerman, does not lead a boring life.  In the ten months of the year that Water Monkey Camp is not going on he is down in Jacksonville Beach, Florida making the most of good weather, sandy beaches, and limitless watersports activities. Recently he has been hooked on kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding is a super versatile sport, mixing a bit of wakeboarding, some surfing, and some serious kite flying skills.

Kiting makes impossibly huge airs and tricks possible due to the power of the massive kite.  Most of learning how to kite is mastering the kite itself; the board skills will follow.

All of Billy's kiting adds to his ridiculous board skills so that he will continue to be a one of a kind instructor to our campers each summer.

We are lucky to have Billy at Water Monkey Camp and he says he is pumped to get back to NH in a few months.  Keep on shreddin' Bill.