Extreme Camp Fair at Rye Airfield

Last weekend we joined a handful of other "extreme" camps in NH for a camp fair at Rye Airfield.  For those of you who have not heard of it, Rye Airfield is a massive indoor skate/bmx park in Rye, NH.  Some heavy snow and wind kept most people at home but it was still a good time and I got to chat with the other programs and some prospective campers. Some of the features at Rye Airfiled...possibly the coolest indoor setup I've ever seen.

One of the programs in attendance was Highland Mountain (http://highlandmountain.com/) a downhill mountain bike park nearby in New Hampshire.  We will be adding a day at Highland Mountain to our quiver of special trips for Water Monkey campers.  Downhill mountain biking will be a great activity to switch it up during the week of being on the boat and it now joins indoor skydiving, paintball, rock climbing, surfing, cool hikes, water parks, IMAX movies, and whatever else we think of as possible special day trips.  Awesome special trips are just another reason why our camp is amazing.