More reasons why summer camp is worthwhile and awesome!

We saw this an article online today (link below) which breaks down some ideas to think about when contemplating summer camp.  They make some solid points and it is a quick read for those of you who are having trouble pulling the trigger and making a camp decision. How to Give Children Their Best Possible Summer Camp Experience

I would add that camps (especially ours):

  • increase self confidence among participants.
  • increase self esteem.
  • provide an escape from 24 hour a day social media - campers do not worry about. what is going on at home when they are engaged and having fun at camp.
  • add some structure to the summer as opposed to kids wasting away the days.
  • provide an outlet for energy and creativity.
  • allow campers to step out of their comfort zone and grow as an individual and as a team player.

Most of all, camps are just pure, 100% fun.