Renovations commence

This summer our campers will be living in a large cabin on our host camp's 100-acre campus.  Last week we started renovating the cabin and have made some awesome progress already. This cabin has a large, wrap-around screened in porch which we are currently using for supplies but will eventually be multi-use indoor/outdoor area for our campers.


On the inside we are splitting the large, open cabin into separate sleeping area for guys and girls as well as a large lounge area.


As you can see from this inside picture, the cabin has some great wood floors and tons of space.  When we are done in there it will look totally different so we wanted to share this "before" picture of the inside.


Of course we have bathrooms for our campers.  There are two full bathrooms with hot water.  The other day we installed two brand-new, high efficiency, high flush power toilets. Toilets are not glamorous but they are definitely necessary!

We will continue to be hard at work for the next few weeks so check back for more updates!