Growing our quiver...

Today we did some big time shopping for camp.  We like to give our campers an array of equipment to play with and each season it is important to us to offer only the best gear to everyone who steps on our boat. This year I may have once again gone a bit overboard.  To round out our collection of wake boards we picked up a Liquid Force Angel 130 with CWB Tyke boots (for our female campers) and a Ronix District 135 with District boots.  These two new boards will join our three Liquid Force PS3's (128, 134, and 137) and our Liquid Force Trip (142).  That is six boards in an array of sizes to keep even the pickiest clientele happy!


As you can see in the above picture we got some other stuff as well!  On the left is a great new O'Brien wake surfer which will be perfect to learn on.  On the right is a sick new O'Brien Siege slalom ski (with a built in GoPro mount on the tip).  It is a bit smaller than our Connelly slalom ski from last year which will be awesome for our smaller campers looking to shred the one ski.  Down bottom are also some new ropes: the blue one is a sweet new LF wake board line and on the left is a new Ronix wake surf rope with a handle (we also have a knotted rope if you prefer that).


That beast is one of our two newly acquired SUP (stand up paddle) boards.  It is made by F-One out of France and is actually inflatable so we can take them out on the boat and anyone who wants to can go for a paddle on the lake.  The paddles are light weight aluminum and adjustable for all sizes of riders.


I had to try to get it all into one picture.

There is nothing better than the smell of a room full of fresh gear!