2013 season recap

As the leaves begin to change and the lake temperature is dropping by the day we at Water Monkey have to finally admit that the summer is almost over.  Every extra day we get on the boat now is just icing on the ridiculous cake which was our 2013 season.  We could not be happier with where the camp has gotten in such a short amount of time. Many thanks to everyone who was involved this year: the campers for giving it their all and dedicating themselves to learning and having fun, my staff for working tirelessly this summer to deliver top notch watersports instruction, gourmet food, and constant entertainment to our campers, our host camp for letting us take over our little island on their property, and my friends and family who helped me renovate our awesome cabin.  Camp would not have happened if it were not for all of you!

Some 2013 stats:

  • We welcomed 48 campers over six weeks of camp from late June to August.
  • Campers came from nine states (CA, CT, FL, IL, MA, NH, NY, PA, and VT) as well as France and Canada.
  • The average age of our campers was 14.
  • We were 71% guys, 29% girls.
  • The average water temperature on the lake was 77 degrees (a bit chillier than usual due to above average rain in June/July).
  • Consumed 420 pancakes washed down with 11 gallons of pure NH maple syrup.
  • We drank 68 gallons of milk (Billy was responsible for about 10 of those).
  • Chowed down on 250 homemade (big) meatballs.
  • We went through 1,500 freeze pops!
  • 7,488 unique visitors to www.watermonkeycamp.com in the past 12 months.
  • We tacked on another 175 hours to the Centurion's odometer.
  • Guzzled 745 gallons of gas producing a little under seven metric tons of CO2...offset by planting 70 trees through CarbonFund.org!
  • 0 hospital visits!
  • Endless improvement behind the boat!

Goals for 2014

  • 20 campers per week for eight weeks of camp.
  • Two boats.
  • Trampoline training area for land practice of flips, spins, and handle passes.
  • New, private, unreal location directly on the lake...

Keep in touch, keep shredding, and, as always, feel free to hit us up any time to chat: 617-855-WAKE