Gearing up for camp

It is April, which means summertime camp time is just a few months away.  This is the season where camp directors all over the country start working overtime to get things in order. Here at Water Monkey Camp we are in the midst of preparing for our first full-scale summer of operation and we could not be more pumped.  Campers have signed up and are expecting something great and we certainly will not disappoint.

The most exciting progress towards opening day has been our search for the perfect camp boat.  Being a wakeboard/waterski/wakesurf/wakeskate camp it is important that we have a high performance watercraft with some specific features.

  1. Inboard (powerful) engine - Outboards and inboard/outboards just will not suffice for our kind of use.  An inboard motor keeps the propeller sufficiently away from the rear of the boat so that there is no chance of anyone coming close to it at any time.  The power is important because day in and day out we will be working the engine to pull our campers around the lake; a weak engine just would not cut it.
  2. Tower - The tower is an essential piece of equipment for a wakeboard camp.  The higher the rope is attached, the bigger the air that riders can achieve.  The tower also gives us somewhere to attach some boomin' speakers for the boat sound system.
  3. Ballast System - Put simply, our boat needs to pump a huge wake.  A ballast system lets us control how much weight we can add to the rear of the boat in the form of tanks or bags of water, pre-installed into compartments on the boat.  The more water you pump in, the bigger the wake behind the boat.  This system is what makes wake surfing possible on the lake.  With the ballast filled up, the boat will create a perfect, clean wave to surf behind the boat without a rope.  So awesome.
  4. Sufficient seating - We want to be able to spread out in comfort all day on the lake; big cushy seats and benches are a must-have.

Once the boat is in our hands we will be sure to post some fun pictures.  Counting down the days until summer!