Why wakesurfing is awesome

Wakesurfing takes summer camp activities to a new level.  It is innovative, collaborative, and adds elements of fun that other sports just cannot compete with.  Because of the need for a specialized boat and trained staff it is not offered widely at other camps (or anywhere else really).

Using our state of the art Centurion watercraft and a staff of watersports professionals we are proud to be one of the few camps to offer wakesurfing to participants.  Below are some highlights as to why wakesurfing is just so awesome that we had to make it available at Water Monkey Camp:

  1. Mash-up of other activities - Wakesurfing is relatively easy to start learning but requires you to hone a number of skills from other watersports in order to master.  Progression as a wakesurfer comes with the side effect of becoming a better surfer and wakeboarder.
  2. Conditions don't matter - Everyone knows that lakes sometimes get too choppy to enjoy skiing or wakeboarding.  Wakesurf capable boats eliminate this issue by pumping out a clean, perfect wave no matter what the conditions may be.
  3. Collaboration - No other boat sport allows riders to stay so close to the boat - literally only a few feet - and well within conversation range.  Riders can talk to instructors and friends on the boat, instantly taking in feedback and improving.  You can also listen to the music pumping from the boat stereo...added fun on the water.
  4. Versatile - There are limitless possibilities for wakesurf tricks and maneuvers.  You could spend an entire summer exploring the capabilities of a wakesurf boat and board without getting bored.

We hope that some day wakesurfing gets as popular and available at waterskiing or wakeboarding but, until then, join us at Water Monkey Camp to try out this amazing sport.