All healed up...ready for camp

So back in March I wrecked my right leg while snowboarding in Colorado; if you do not remember here is the original blog post and x-ray: As soon as I was off of my crutches in late April I got in to some serious physical therapy to be in shape for Water Monkey Camp.  I spent May and June pushing it to the limits biking, hiking, and, of course, wake surfing on the new boat.  Every morning I did "paddle board therapy" where I would paddle across the lake and strengthen my knee and ankle through constantly maintaining my balance.

After 4.5 months the x-rays showed an almost perfectly healed tibia and my fibula is on its way as well.

The doc gave me a clean bill of health and added that my leg is stronger than ever.  While it still hurts from time to time - especially after a particularly active day - it is pretty amazing how fast it went from shattered to solid.

All's well that ends well.

Time to shred on the lake.