2012 season recap

We are riding high at Water Monkey Camp after a tremendous 2012 season of camp!  First off, a huge thanks to our campers and their parents for giving a new camp a chance, our staff for putting in 20 hour days for weeks in a row so that everyone could have an awesome time, and my friends and family for nonstop support (and help breaking in the boat). Some 2012 stats:

  • Campers came from 6 states: Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and California
  • 19 campers over 2 weeks of camp
  • 82% of our campers were 13, 14, or 15 years old
  • 81 degrees was the average water temperature during camp
  • 125 hours logged on the Centurion from June through August
  • 450 gallons of gas consumed producing roughly 4 metric tons of CO2 – offset by planting 40 trees through CarbonFund.org!
  • 6,764 unique visitors to www.watermonkeycamp.com in the past 12 months
  • 1 newspaper article featuring Water Monkey Camp & wake surfing
  • 0 hospital visits!
  • 1 chipmunk living in the girls' cabin

And some goals for 2013:

  • 70 campers over 7 weeks of camp from June through August!
  • 100 more gallons of ballast capacity on the Centurion for an even bigger wake!
  • More fresh gear!
  • New recipes for even more variety in our home-cooked meals!
  • Two additional instructors for even more one-on-one coaching!

I will be travelling the northeast throughout the fall and winter visiting schools, camp fairs, and homes spreading the word about our camp and finding great guys and girls to fill our bunks.  If you want me to come to your town just shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and I will make my way over to convince your family and friends that Water Monkey Camp is the ultimate spot for teens for wakeboarding, wake surfing, waterskiing, wake skating, tubing, and summer fun!

Keep shredding, enjoy the fall, and when you start planning for the summer hit us up!


617-855-WAKE (9253)